Top Children’s Product Recalls in 2021

Children Product Recalls

Many people spend the first few weeks of the new year reflecting on the one that just ended, making mental notes about the ups and downs over the last 12 months. As we settle into 2022, it is worthwhile for parents to review the top recalls on children’s products in 2021. Safe Kids Worldwide, a nonprofit company that focuses on protecting children from preventable injuries, extrapolates data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and other agencies to report on the dangers.

There are hundreds of products on the Safe Kids recall list which can lead to serious injuries when used by or affecting children, but a few are notable. You should discuss your legal remedies with a Maryland defective products attorney if your child was hurt, and knowing the dangers is crucial.

Top Children Product Recalls

You may have already become aware of recalled children’s products through a manufacturer’s notice, which would also include directions on how to handle repairs, returns, and refunds. The top recalls include:

Target “Letters to Santa” Mailboxes: Intended for children to deposit letters to Old St. Nick, these decorative boxes contain a defect that could cause lacerations. The slot for inserting mail has sharp edges that may cut small hands when they reach inside.

Peloton Tread+ Treadmills: This recall is an example of how dangerous products put children at risk even when they are intended for adult use. The Peloton Tread+ moves at a pace set by the user, and the belt can draw children underneath the rear of the treadmill. The recall was prompted by one child’s death and more than 70 incident reports.

Noble House Home Furnishings: In yet another recall related to furniture tip-overs, the manufacturer or these dressers, chests, and drawers announced the risk of injuries if the pieces were not properly anchored to a wall. Hundreds of similar products have been recalled in recent years. 

Birds Eye Broccoli Tots: Calls from consumers prompted the manufacturer to issue a recall of this frozen veggie dish, popular among younger kids. Certain batches of tots contained small rocks and metal fragments.

Types of Defects That Make Products Dangerous

The specific reasons behind a government or manufacturer recall may vary, but there are generally three factors that make a defective product dangerous:

  • Manufacturing defects affect just one batch of items that were produced erroneously.
  • Design flaws and errors in development impact all products that were made in accordance with a defective plan.
  • Defects in labelling occur when the product does not provide safety information or warnings.

Set Up a Free Consultation with a Maryland Products Liability Lawyer

If your child suffered injuries because of a dangerous, defective product, you may be eligible to seek compensation for the losses your family sustains. However, products liability laws are complex and you face an uphill battle pursuing a large manufacturing company. Legal help is crucial, so please contact Michael A. Freedman to learn more about your rights. You can call 410.363.6848 or visit our website to set up a free consultation with a skilled defective products attorney.

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