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Accident Tips

Accident Tips Before You Have a Maryland Car Accident Attorney Represent You

Even when you know that car accidents are a common tragedy throughout the US, the frequency of these incidents is still shocking. According to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration’s Statewide Crash Summary, there are more than 115,000 traffic-related crashes in the state every year. Almost 550 people lose their lives and 49,200 victims are injured in these collisions, and their losses can be devastating. If you were injured or someone close to you was killed in a car accident, you may not have any idea where to begin with protecting your legal rights.

Still, if there is one thing you DO know, it is that experienced legal representation is a must. The only problem is that there is some lag time after the crash, before you can retain a Baltimore County car accident attorney for assistance. In the interim, it is important to follow a few tips.

Be sure to Follow these Accident Tips

Get Medical Care Immediately

You might head to the ER, an urgent care center, or your own doctor, but do not delay seeking treatment. Prompt medical attention ensures you get on the road to recovery quickly, but it also protects your interests. If you fail to get care, you imply that you were not hurt badly and could harm your right to compensation.

Gather Evidence at the Scene

Depending on the severity of your injuries, take time to collect information from the accident site. Use your cell phone to take pictures of:

  • The intersection or stretch of road;
  • All traffic signals, signs, lane markings, and other traffic controls;
  • Damage to vehicles;
  • Physical characteristics related to a collision, such as skid marks; and,
  • Buildings in the vicinity, which may have security cameras that captured the accident.

Do Not Forget About Witnesses

The input from individuals who observed the collision is important because they may have information about what caused the crash. You will need to prove that the other motorist was at fault because of negligent actions, and you also must deflect any allegations that you were responsible. Witness observations are powerful evidence because they are neutral, making them more credible to an insurance company. 

Confirm Contact Information With an Insurer

Whenever you are dealing with an insurance company after a car accident, keep your conversations short. You should only provide or confirm your contact information. Avoid discussing details with the insurance company, such as:

  • How you think the collision happened;
  • The nature and severity of your injuries; and,
  • Your diagnosis, medical treatment, and recovery.

By answering questions or providing information to the claims adjuster, you could accidentally damage your rights.

Get in Touch with a Maryland Car Accident Lawyer Right Away

Knowing that there will be some lag time before you have legal representation, it is critical that you do not delay in consulting with a skilled auto crash attorney. To learn how our team can help, please contact attorney Michael A. Freedman to schedule a free case assessment. We can explain your rights and move forward with legal remedies after reviewing your circumstances.


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Accident Tips
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