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Fatal Uber Accident and the Future of Self-Driving, Autonomous Vehicles

A March 2018 Uber accident is a sobering reminder that self-driving vehicle technology needs some improvement before it can be considered completely safe, as the test vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian while operating in autonomous mode. According to the Baltimore Sun, the victim was walking her bicycle across the street when she was hit, though questions remain regarding how the technology could have failed under the circumstances. The incident marks the first fatality involving a self-driving car, though others have reported receiving injuries in Uber accidents.

Though it may be some time before you will be riding in a self-driving car, you might find it useful to review some information on accidents involving autonomous vehicles and the importance of retaining an attorney any time you are hurt in a collision.


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Use Caution on Social Media After a Baltimore County, MD Auto Accident

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a useful way to stay in touch with friends and family. As such, they are also useful for keeping people posted about your condition after you were hurt in a car accident. However, posting photos, comments, updates, and other content can also be detrimental to your injury claim, impacting your rights in ways you did not expect. Insurance companies are always seeking reasons to deny or dispute your claim, and representatives are not above reviewing the stories you post on social media. A Baltimore County, MD auto accidents attorney can give you additional details, but you should review some helpful information about use of social media after a crash.

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Baby Injured in Charles County, MD Auto Accident: What Would You Do?

While no adults were seriously hurt in a Waldorf, MD car accident that occurred on May 7, 2018, a three-month-old baby sustained life-threatening injuries and was listed in critical condition. According to an article published by The Bay Net, drunk driving was to blame in the incident, in which the operator of a Freightliner box truck failed to stop at a red light and smashed into two other vehicles. When Maryland State Police and other first responders arrived on the scene, they immediately checked the condition of the infant. He was rushed to MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center, and then on to the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington D.C for further treatment.

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