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Baltimore auto accident attorney

Anyway, we’ve been sitting around talking about the ramifications of contributory negligence and comparative negligence and if there was a change to comparative negligence, how that would actually affect the lives of our clients. We were talking about the Boulevard Law.

Just to review, the Boulevard Law comes into effect almost daily and that has to do with the person on the main thoroughfare, the boulevard has almost an absolute 100% right of way. If you have a stop sign, you come to the stop sign, you stop, you look, you don’t see anybody, you try to get across safely, and out of nowhere, a bat out of you know what comes somebody speeding down the road and hits you, you’re not going to recover because even though the other driver might have been speeding, there have been situations where the driver didn’t have lights on.

Some really, really unbelievable situations where the judges have said, "Oh, it’s the Boulevard Law, you got to get across that intersection safely. You’ve got the stop sign. You have got to get across that intersection." It’s the same thing with yield signs. The Boulevard Law is just something that’s almost automatic.

In the year of contributory negligence, if you’ve got that stop sign, you are going to be barred from recovery almost no matter what the defendant did. There are some circumstances where you lose that boulevard right and we’ll talk about that next week.

This is one of the ramifications that could come about. I’m not saying it’s good or bad or indifferent. I’m just pointing out that there are some changes that could be coming and they could affect our daily lives in regard to auto accidents. Stay tuned, stay tuned.

Baltimore auto accident attorney

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