What Benefits are Available for Maryland Workers’ Compensation?

Maryland Workers Compensation

If you are a qualifying employee who is injured in a workplace accident or suffers from an occupational illness, Maryland Workers’ Compensation system pays benefits to support you through difficult times. This is good news for many workers, as the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that there are 58,300 total recordable cases of work-related medical conditions annually. Around 36,400 – 62% – of employees are forced to take days off work, deal with a job restriction, or go through a job transfer due to their injuries.

There is a wide range of benefits available under Maryland workers’ comp laws, but the details vary according to your circumstances. One challenge with getting proper payments is that insurance companies protect their own interests, often denying claims for suspicious reasons. It is critical to retain a Baltimore County workers’ compensation lawyer to ensure fairness, and a summary of benefits for employees is useful.

Benefits for Eligible Workers

These payments are designed to get you healthy and help with finances while you recover from a work-related injury or illness. You can return to your position as quickly as possible. Maryland’s workers’ comp system pays the following benefits for those that qualify:

  • Expenses for all medical care that is reasonable and necessary to treat your medical condition;
  • Wage replacement if you could not work or earned less through a job transfer or restriction;
  • Temporary or permanent disability payments, for total or partial disabilities;
  • Vocational rehabilitation; and,
  • Death benefits for the surviving family members of an eligible employee who died because of work-related conditions.

Workers’ Comp Exclusions

One factor that you might notice is missing from the description of benefits is the amount offered for pain and suffering. These noneconomic damages, as well as emotional distress, scarring, and disfigurement, are not available for workers’ comp claims. Victims often seek pain and suffering damages through a personal injury case, but injured employees cannot sue in court. Workers’ comp is your sole remedy for on-the-job illnesses and ailments, subject to few exceptions.

Why Insurers Deny Claims

It is possible that you will receive a denial or pushback when filing a workers’ comp claim. Your employer’s insurance company might reject it for legitimate reasons if you did not comply with deadlines or properly notify your employer. However, it is cause for concern if the insurer denies your claim on the grounds that:

  • You are not an eligible, covered employee;
  • You did not hurt yourself that badly;
  • Your injuries do not require you to take time off work; or,
  • You were not engaged in work-related tasks when injured.

A Maryland Workers’ Comp Attorney Will Pursue All Benefits Available by Law

If your workers’ comp claim was denied or you believe you did not get the full benefits allowed, please contact Attorney Michael A. Freedman. You can reach our offices in Owings Mills or Glen Burnie, MD, by calling 410.363.6848 or visiting our website. We can set up a case review with a Maryland workers’ comp lawyer who will explain benefits in more detail.

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