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Common Injuries in Baltimore County, MD Car Accident Cases

In July 2016, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a report on Traffic Safety Facts involving passenger vehicles. The numbers on car accident cases were staggering: Collisions involving vehicles and light trucks caused injuries to 2,074,000 people in 2014, though that number represented a decrease as compared to 2013. Still, the accident report shows that accidents do happen despite a motorist’s exercise of care when driving. If you’ve been hurt in a Baltimore County, MD car accident case, talk with an attorney about the different categories of injuries for which you might be entitled to compensation.

Head and Back Injuries: Even when properly wearing a seatbelt, a driver or passenger may hit their head against the steering wheel, dashboard, windows, or other features of a vehicle. The resulting injuries to the head can be severe enough to cause brain damage, coma, concussion, contusions, issues with vision or hearing, and long term cognitive conditions.

Traumatic back injuries are also common in car accident cases because the spine, spinal cord, and surrounding tissues are fragile. A powerful impact can cause nerve damage in the spine, which can lead to a number of different medical conditions. Uncomfortable tingling or loss of sensation in the extremities may result when the nerve tissue is impaired, though more severe injuries may lead to paralysis, mobility issues, and even an inability to walk.

Injuries to the Neck, Chest, and Torso: Many injury victims experience whiplash in a car accident when the movement of the vehicle violently forces the head forward and backward. Whiplash usually causes strains in the muscles and soft tissues of the neck, with achiness and swelling that can range from mild to extreme. In an extreme situation, there even be injury to the vocal cords.

Chest and torso trauma may result from blunt force in a car accident case, leading to bruising and broken ribs. A strong impact can also cause the lungs to collapse, as well as bleeding in internal organs. Accident victims with a history of heart conditions may go into cardiac arrest if there is considerable trauma to the chest.

Limbs and Extremities Injuries: Broken bones, lacerations, and bruising are common in a car accident cases, which may leave a victim without use of their limbs and extremities. Amputations are rare, but even a less severe injury can involve a long recovery period. Damage to the delicate bones in the hands and feet may require surgery – or multiple surgeries – to allow a victim full use.

If your car accident injuries fall into any of these common categories, you may be able to recover for medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other losses. However, you need a qualified attorney to fight for your rights and ensure you obtain the compensation you deserve under the law. A Maryland personal injury lawyer has the knowledge and experience to represent your interests in settlement negotiations and in court. For more information on car accident injuries or to discuss the details of your case, please contact attorney Michael A. Freedman.


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