The Impact of Age on Maryland Car Accidents

Driver Age

When you think about how traffic crashes happen, speeding, drunk driving, failure to yield, and other forms of carelessness often come to mind. You may not consider how a drivers age plays a role in auto collisions, but officials at the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MD MVA) think the topic is important enough to study. The government tracks three sets of data on the subject of age:

  • Crash Summary Driver Age 65 – 110;
  • Crash Summary Driver Age 16 – 20; and,
  • Crash Summary Driver Age 16-20 Alcohol or Drug Impaired.

No matter how old you are, you probably harbor some presumptions about younger and older drivers. The data might confirm your view, but there are also some surprising statistics on how age affects Baltimore County car accidents

Statistics and Trends on Driver Age in Collisions

Among all age groups, motorists 25 to 29 years old are at the highest risk of being involved in a crash, followed by 30- to 34-year-olds and those aged 21 to 24. In sum, drivers in these age groups comprise 28.7% of all car accidents in Maryland every year. As far as older and younger drivers, the statistics reveal that:

  • On average, there are 14,724 total crashes involving drivers 65+ annually, leading to 98 deaths and almost 8,500 injured victims.
  • Drivers aged 16 to 20 are involved in approximately 13,900 car accidents every year. More than 50 are killed and another 7,000 are hurt in these incidents.
  • Despite the fact that the legal drinking age is 21 in Maryland, drunk driving is still a problem among motorists 16 to 20 years old. There are almost 300 DUI crashes involving this age group yearly, causing eight fatalities and 160 injuries to victims.

What to Do if You Were Hurt in a Crash

A traffic accident is an overwhelming experience, making it difficult for even the most level-headed individuals at a loss on what to do. Your actions will depend upon the severity and nature of your injuries, but a few tips will guide you.

  • Seek proper medical care, either at an emergency room, urgent care center, or your primary care physician. Getting treatment right away supports your health and your legal rights.
  • Grab your cell phone and take pictures at the scene. Include all relevant details, such as damage to vehicles, the intersection or stretch of road, traffic signals and signage, and skid marks.
  • Jot down the contact information for any witnesses and the address of businesses in the area.

A Maryland Car Accident Attorney Can Assist With All Essential Tasks

If you can complete these tasks listed above to the best of your ability, you support the efforts of your lawyer when it comes to the legal process. To learn how our team can assist with filing an insurance claim and suing in court, please contact attorney Michael A. Freedman. You can set up a consultation by calling 410.363.6848 or checking out our website. We can set up a free consultation at our offices in Owings Mills or Glen Burnie, MD.

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