How should I prepare for my auto accident trial?

Roads Preparing for a Jury Trial, 101. It is all about attention to detail, and preparation. Of course we deal with auto torts, but the same is true for any kind of jury trial.

In preparing we must realistically and honestly examine the case – its strengths and most importantly, its weaknesses. Were the cars totaled, were paramedics called to the scene, or was it a little fender bender? 

How serious were the injuries?  Are there broken bones, or soft tissue whiplash?  Were there any prior injuries that may have impacted the current injuries and will be able to prove that the current injuries were related to the accident rather than all old injuries?

This transcends any and all aspects of the case – Will the jury like our client? We have found that jurors usually don’t award money to people that they don’t like. It can be that simple. Jurors will give money to people that they like and, thus, it is our job to put the client’s best foot forward. Again we need to be brutally honest as to this likability factor being especially delicate with the client.

Obviously, these areas require preparation in order to properly game plan. For some situations we will need experts to come into court. For some we might need to do a personality make. 

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