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Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Rash of Multi-Vehicle Accidents Demonstrates Risks to Maryland Motorists

A spate of multi-car pile-ups plagued Maryland roadways in recent weeks, starting with a car accident that led an infant to be ejected into the Assawoman Bay. According to Baltimore’s NBC affiliate WBAL-TV news Channel 11, police responded to the April 18, 2021 to find a total of five vehicles involved in the crash. One, a pickup truck that was carrying the baby in a car seat, had teetered over the guardrail of the bridge, causing the baby to be ejected. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan in another vehicle jumped into the water and saved the infant’s life. In addition to this multi-vehicle accident, other incidents include:

  • A four-car crash that occurred on the westbound lanes of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, when the span was operating two-way traffic; and,
  • A three-vehicle collision near Gwynns Falls Parkway in Baltimore, which required first responders to extricate three injured victims.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents can be catastrophic when you consider the threats coming from all directions and potential for serious injuries. However, these claims can also be complex from a legal standpoint, so it is wise to work with a Maryland auto accidents attorney. Some general information may also be helpful.

Causes of Multiple-Vehicle Collisions

The initial impact in a pileup accident is typically due to driver negligence, such as speeding, red light running, drunk driving, or other violations of traffic laws. It is the secondary collisions that enhance the potential for injuries and lead to liability questions. In the chaos of a multi-car crash:

  • Some vehicles will be hit more than once;
  • You could be struck by two or more different motorists; and,
  • Some impacts are the result of momentum from another collision.

These points are important considering Maryland’s contributory negligence law. This law bars a victim from recovering compensation when he or she was partly at fault. In a multi-vehicle accident, it is even more challenging to prove that you exercised reasonable care when driving.

Enhanced Risks with Chain-Reaction Crashes: The biggest threat in a pile-up is that there are far more opportunities to be injured with multi-vehicle accidents. Plus:

  • There will obviously be more extensive damage to vehicles that sustain numerous impacts, leading to a high risk of fires.
  • When vehicles are jumbled up in a multi-car collision, there is an increased likelihood of victims being trapped.
  • Emergency vehicles and first responders may have a more difficult time getting to the most seriously injured victims. This could lead to delays in treatment.
  • In the immediate aftermath of a multi-vehicle accident, many occupants will exit their cars to survey damage and assess injuries. The problem is that the chain reaction and ripple-effect may still continue with additional impacts. A collision dozens of feet away could still cause injuries to those outside their automobiles.

Trust a Baltimore County, MD Car Accident Lawyer to Fight for Your Rights

For more information on your legal remedies after a multi-vehicle accidents, please contact attorney Michael A. Freedman. We can schedule a free consultation to review your situation and explain options for recovering compensation.

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