Hurt in an Accident in Maryland? Your Guide to Personal Injury Demand Letters

Demand Letters

Serious accidents happen every day. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that tens of millions of people seek emergency medical attention for accidental injuries each year. An accident can leave you with stacks of medical bills and immense pain and suffering.

You can file a claim to seek compensation from the at-fault party—and that process usually starts with a demand letter. Here, our Baltimore personal injury attorney highlights the most important things you should know about demand letters and personal injury cases in Maryland.

What is a Demand in a Personal Injury Claim in Maryland?

Did you know that relatively few personal injury cases go to court? Settlements are far more common than trial verdicts. How do you start the personal injury settlement process after an accident in Maryland? It typically begins with a demand. A demand (demand letter) is a document that initiates the negotiation process with an insurance company or defendant. It is a formal, written statement where the injured party outlines their case—such as the circumstances of the accident, the extent of their injuries, the impact on their life, and the compensation they are seeking.

Demand Letters Must Be Customized—But They Also Share Some Common Elements

Every personal injury claim is unique. A demand letter should always be customized to suit the specific circumstances of the case. At the same time, a demand letter for a personal injury case in Maryland will usually share the following characteristics:

  • Detailed Description of the Accident: Clearly outline how the accident occurred, specifying the date, time, location, and any relevant details.
  • Evidence of Defendant’s Liability: Establish the defendant’s responsibility for the accident, supported by evidence like police reports, witness statements, or photos.
  • An Account of Injuries/Damages: Detail all losses and list all expenses incurred due to the injury—from medical bills to lost wages to pain and suffering.
  • Make a Demand for Compensation: Specify the total amount of compensation you are seeking, including both economic and non-economic damages.

Your Demand Letter Should Be Drafted By a Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer

Crafting a persuasive and legally sound demand letter requires professional skill and legal expertise. Do not go it alone. It is advisable to have your demand letter drafted by a Maryland personal injury lawyer. Your attorney will have the legal knowledge and real world experience to effectively argue your case. A top Maryland personal injury lawyer is a seasoned negotiator who understands how to deal with insurance companies.

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