Safety Tips for Spring Powerwalking in Maryland


As the weather warms up in Maryland, more people will be looking to get some exercise by taking a walk and enjoying the outdoors. Powerwalking can trim your waistline, enhance your mood, lower blood pressure, and lead to other positive health benefits. Unfortunately, the risk of being involved in a pedestrian accident remains high. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that the number of fatalities for people on foot averages around 6,500 per year, after a historic low of 4,100 from the late 1970s to 2009. Walkers represent up to 17 percent of all traffic-related deaths, with almost 7,400 fatalities in 2021. That same year, another 60,500 victims were injured in pedestrian accidents across the US.

As a person on foot, there are many ways you can reduce the risk of pedestrian accidents. You can also mitigate the consequences if you are struck by a vehicle, and you have legal remedies as a victim. It is important to trust an Owings Mills pedestrian accident lawyer for assistance, and read on for some important safety tips.

Make Yourself Visible

When people are walking, they have a lower profile in terms of visibility compared to other road users. You should do all you can to make sure motorists see you, such as by wearing brightly colored clothing, including reflective fabrics. If you are walking at night, carry a flashlight or don a headlamp.

Wear the Right Gear

Your clothing should help make you visible as an important function, but it does play another role in mitigating the harm if you are struck by a vehicle. When you wear long pants, you are less likely to suffer serious lacerations and abrasions to your lower extremities. Avoid wearing a skirt, which can get caught up in your legs and cause tripping.

Follow All Traffic Laws

As a road user, people on foot are required to comply with all Maryland traffic regulations. Do not walk against the light, use sidewalks whenever present, and stay within the lines in a crosswalk.

Carefully Monitor Children

If children accompany you on your powerwalk, make sure to supervise them meticulously around traffic. Hold hands with young children and issue reminders about rules for walking at intersections.

Safety Tips for Drivers

As a motorist, you certainly do not want to be involved in a pedestrian accident, even though the injuries to you would be minimal. Therefore:

  • Look twice for people in crosswalks before proceeding through an intersection.
  • Double-check for pedestrians on road shoulders when no sidewalk is present.
  • Use extra caution when there are children walking and present on roadways.
  • Know right-of-way laws, which require you to yield to pedestrians in many situations.

Consult with a Maryland Pedestrian Accident Attorney Today

As another important tip, it is critical to reach out to a pedestrian accident lawyer right away. To learn more about your rights, please call Attorney Michael A. Freedman at 410.363.6848 or visit us online. We can set up a free consultation to discuss details.

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