Statistics on Maryland Summertime Car Accidents

Summertime Car Accidents

For many residents of Maryland, some of the best weather, fun activities, and festivities are on the way with summer just around the corner. As is often the case when people get outdoors, the increase in traffic often leads to spikes in summertime car accidents from Memorial Day to Labor Day. In fact, the National Safety Council (NSC) reports that May through October are consecutive months with the highest number of fatalities as compared to the rest of the year. The peak is in October when 4,250 people are killed in crashes. It may not be a surprise to you that the lowest number of fatalities from collisions is in February, at just over 3,200 deaths.

Statistics serve a useful purpose, warning motorists of the types of conditions in which traffic collisions are more common. However, you may not be able to avoid all crashes. Retaining a Baltimore County car accident lawyer is essential for exercising your legal rights. To illustrate the dangers of summertime car accidents, review the following.

Statistics on Summertime Car Accidents

Data on traffic collisions from 1998 to 2014 reveals that summer is the deadliest time of the year on US roadways. Saturday and Sunday are the most dangerous days of the week. The most fatalities occur from 3 to 7 p.m. Nationwide, July and August have the highest number of deaths, at 116 per day.

In Maryland, the months with the most fatalities are August and September. During this time period, 95 people are killed in car accidents. Representing almost 20 percent of the total fatalities throughout the year.

Special Concerns for Teen Drivers

There are unique factors with teenage drivers, many of whom are entering their first summer of having a driver’s license. This time period is termed the “100 Deadliest Days of Summer,” and it is aptly named. More than 7,000 people are killed in teen-related summertime car accidents from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

In Maryland, May, June, and July are the months with the highest number of teen driver crashes. Key factors include lack of experience and problems with distractions, whether from others in the car or cell phones.

Time Deadlines in Maryland Summertime Car Accident Claims

There is a statute of limitations in Maryland, and it is 3 years for car accident cases. You must file a lawsuit in court before the deadline expires, or you will be barred from recovering compensation.

In the case of a teen victim, there is an exception to the statute of limitations because minors do not have the legal capacity to sue. A victim has until three years after turning 18 years old to file a lawsuit.

Discuss Your Legal Remedies with a Maryland Car Accidents Attorney

Because timing is critical, you should consult with an experienced lawyer right away. For more information about your rights after a summertime car accident, please contact Attorney Michael A. Freedman. You can call 410.363.6848 or visit our website to schedule an initial consultation at our offices in Owings Mills or Glen Burnie, MD.

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