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Pedestrian Accident

Shocking Statistics on Teens and Pedestrian Accidents in Maryland

Parents of younger children will hold their hands while walking around and near traffic in Baltimore, but there comes a point when you trust older kids to keep themselves safe as pedestrians. Presumably, teens appreciate the risk of being struck by a motorized vehicle and take proper precautions while on foot. Unfortunately, statistics prove this presumption to be false. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, a non-profit child safety organization, the fatality rate for teenagers is more than double that of deaths among younger children.

Pedestrian accidents are preventable, but negligent motorists put all road users at risk. If your child was injured in such an incident, it is crucial to get legal help from a Baltimore pedestrian accident lawyer who will fight to get compensation for your losses. Some additional data on crashes involving teens on foot is also useful for understanding the dangers.

Additional Data on Teens and Pedestrian Accidents

According to the Maryland Department of Transportation (MD DOT), there are almost 3,500 traffic incidents involving people on foot every year. In total, 773 of these incidents involve victims under age 18, for a total of 22% of all pedestrian accidents. However, 538 of these incidents involve victims aged 10 to 17 years old. Pre-teens and teens comprise almost 70% of minor pedestrian accident victims.

In addition, Safe Kids reports that a teenaged pedestrian is struck by a car or otherwise involved in a traffic accident every hour in the US. Around 285 minors are killed and another 10,000 teens sustain injuries. It may not surprise you to learn that technology and portable devices are behind many of these incidents:

  • More than 50% of teens admit that they cross intersections or walk near traffic while using a mobile phone.
  • In teen pedestrian collisions and near-miss incidents, almost half were listening to music. One in five was texting, and 20% were talking on the phone.
  • Teen pedestrians were at a higher risk while jaywalking or crossing against the “Walk” light.

Legal Claims Involving Children

There are substantial losses involved with any pedestrian accident claim, including medical costs, out-of-pocket expenses, emotional distress, and pain and suffering. When the victim is an adult, they can seek monetary damages for these amounts; the situation is different for someone under 18 years old who is under a legal disability. A parent can settle their child’s claim if the amount is under $5,000. However pedestrian accident losses will typically exceed this threshold. Additional legal steps are necessary to set up an estate and/or trust, so working with a lawyer is important.

Contact a Baltimore County, MD Pedestrian Accident Attorney for Details

It is reassuring to know that parents have legal options when their teen was hurt in a pedestrian collision. You can see that personal injury matters involving children present some challenges. For more information on compensation, please call 410.363.6848 or go online to reach attorney Michael A. Freedman. We can schedule a free consultation to discuss options for recovering medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses.

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