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The Top Four Biggest Household Hazards In Maryland Homes

The Top Four Biggest Household Hazards in Maryland Homes

When you think about the most common causes of personal injuries in Maryland, you probably assume car accidents are at the top of the list. While these incidents do rank high, there are considerable household hazards right under your own roof. A shocking number of injuries and deaths are linked to common household products you may not expect. They are not subject to recall by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission Recall List (CPSC) because they are not defective. Instead, they only become safety risks if you do not take action to protect your family. Here are some items to double-check in your home and warn members of the household to watch.

  • Anything Causing a Trip Hazard:

    Older adults are especially at risk for unintentional falls, but anyone in your household could suffer injuries from a slip, trip, or fall over an object that is out of place. Examples include rugs, toys, laundry, and even pets that get underfoot. Of course, slippery surfaces can also cause a hazard, so clean up spills right away.

  • Unstable or Unsecured Furniture:

    At the other end of the age scale, children are most at risk of serious injury or death due to accidents involving furniture. For these incidents, the biggest safety threat is furniture “tip-overs,” where a large, top-heavy piece falls because it is not properly secured to the wall. The most common furniture items include dressers, armoires, and bureaus. Most pieces these days come with hardware that allows you to easily secure the furniture to a sturdy wall.

  • Your 75-Inch TV:

    Even if your model is not quite this large, it is still a tip-over risk. Once again, children are often the victims if they are reaching up to touch their favorite cartoon character. While the CPSC reports that around 15,000 victims head to the emergency room for injuries due to tip-overs, around one-third of all these incidents involve televisions. It is recommended that you only place TVs on stands and media centers designed for them.

  • Windows, Blinds, and Cords:

    Falls from a window, even at the first-story, are a serious problem that send around 5,100 children to the ER every year. However, it is blinds and cords that result in the higher number of injuries. Many involve a child becoming entangled in the cord, especially when the window is close to a crib or bed. Far too many of these incidents are fatal, as 271 children suffered fatal injuries between 1990 and 2015. You can protect your home by keeping cords tied up and out of reach of small children.

Baltimore County, MD Personal Injury Lawyer About Your Household Hazards Rights 

Though these common household hazard items may cause bodily harm, that does not always mean you have legal rights to recover compensation for your losses. Injuries caused by dangerous products are only actionable if there is a defect that makes them unreasonably hazardous. To learn more about your legal options, please contact attorney Michael A. Freedman. We can set up a free consultation to discuss your case at our offices in Owings Mills, MD.

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