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Top Five Work Safety Violations Cited By OSHA In 2018

Top Five Work Safety Violations Cited by OSHA in 2018

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) implements regulations that all employers must follow to ensure a safe, secure workplace environment for employees. Unfortunately, Some Maryland employers do not comply to these strict rules, creating hazards that can lead to serious accidents. OSHA maintains an annual list of the most frequent violations, and some of the top workplace safety citations for 2018 may come as a surprise.

If you were injured on the job, a skilled Maryland workers’ compensation attorney can tell you more about your rights and legal options. You are also in a better position to protect yourself when you know the top safety citations handed out by OSHA in 2018.

  • Falls: OSHA’s rules of fall protection are clear on the types of safety systems and where in the workplace they are required. There are also regulations on management supervision over employees, in an effort to reduce falls in certain situations. Still, there were over 7,200 citations issued in 2018 for violations of OSHA fall protection rules.
  • Hazard Communication: This term refers to the presence of hazardous materials, both produced in a workplace and those that may be imported for manufacturing purposes. There are regulations covering how employers communicate the nature and risks involved with these hazards.
  • Scaffolding: Both falls and falling objects present risks to employees working on or near scaffolding. Regardless of OSHA rules on protection of workers, there were still more than 3,300 violations related to scaffolding in the workplace in 2018.
  • Respiratory Protection: In many work environments, there are substances present that can cause serious medical conditions if inhaled. OSHA has enacted rules on how employers must implement and oversee respiratory protection policies. There are meticulous regulations for employee training, medical treatment, procedures, and other measures aimed at respiratory protection in the workplace.
  • Control of Dangerous Energy: In its lockout/tagout rules, OSHA addresses the procedures necessary to disable machinery in the event that the release of hazardous energy is a threat to workers. Hazardous energies are typically found in electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, chemical, thermal, and other sources. When these materials are accidentally released through servicing, inspection, or maintenance, they can cause serious injury to those in the vicinity. OSHA’s lockout/ tagout regulations prevents around 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries every year – but only when employers comply with them. In 2018, there were 2,923 citations issues for violations of lockout/tagout standards.

Trust a Skilled Maryland Workers’ Comp Attorney with Your Claim

If you have been hurt while working, it is important to seek legal assistance right away. A Maryland workers’ comp lawyer can guide you through the process of filing a claim and will represent you in dealing with your employer’s insurance company. In addition, some OSHA violations are so egregious that you may even have a personal injury claim for a workplace accident. To learn more about your rights and remedies related to OSHA violations, please contact attorney Michael A. Freedman. Our legal team can set up an initial consultation to discuss your situation.

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