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What To Bring To Your Consultation With A Maryland Car Accident Lawyer

What to Bring to Your Consultation With a Maryland Car Accident Lawyer

Most motor vehicle crash attorneys offer a complimentary initial consultation for victims, which is good news if you are suffering financially after a collision. However, once you make the appointment, keep in mind that preparation is critical. You make the best use of time for both of you if you bring along some important information regarding the accident. When you have everything with you at your first meeting, your Maryland car accident lawyer can review essential documents and get started on your case promptly. Here are a few items to gather up as you head out the door.

The Police Report

When officers are called to the scene of an auto collision, they will complete an incident report regarding the basic details. This paperwork could be important for proving the responsible driver was at fault, particularly when police issued a traffic ticket. The police report may also contain information showing that you were NOT at fault, which is critical to avoiding application of Maryland’s contributory negligence rule. If you were responsible for causing the crash – even just partly – you could lose your right to compensation.

Your Medical Records

Since the severity and nature of your injuries are a central issue in a car accident claim, you will need to get copies of all medical records prepared by any health care provider that treated you. These documents will contain helpful information to support your claim, such as:

  • Diagnosis of your injuries;
  • Imaging test results;
  • Treatment details;
  • Estimates on your recovery time;
  • Physical limitations; and,
  • Much more.

Tax and Income Information

If you could not work because of your auto collision injuries, the law allows you to recover for your lost earnings. You should bring your recent pay stubs, income tax records, and related paperwork for your attorney to review.

Evidence From the Auto Crash Scene

Hopefully, you took pictures and video with your cell phone after the car accident. Have them ready for your lawyer to view, as they can also be used as proof in your claim. You should focus on images that include:

  • Your injuries;
  • Property damage to your car, bicycle, or other vehicle, as applicable;
  • The scene of the accident, which shows the stretch of roadway, intersection, traffic signals, and other details; and,
  • Any other physical conditions that may be relevant to your claim.

Contact Information

In addition to the contact information for the responsible driver, you should obtain details for occupants of your vehicle and anyone who witnessed the crash. It is also helpful to provide a list of businesses in the vicinity of the collision, as they may have surveillance video footage that captured how the accident happened.

Set Up a Free Appointment with a Maryland Car Accident Lawyer

When you bring these items along for your first consultation, you are giving your lawyer an important head start for pursuing your injury claim. To schedule your no-cost consultation, please contact attorney Michael A. Freedman today. Our team has extensive experience representing accident victims throughout Anne Arundel and Baltimore Counties, so we are prepared to take on your case.

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