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Why Lost Wages Matter To Victims Of Baltimore County, MD Auto Accidents

Why Lost Wages Matter to Victims of Baltimore County, MD Auto Accidents

As the victim of a motor vehicle crash, your first thoughts may turn to the losses you face for medical expenses and pain and suffering. Lost wages may not be on your mind, but they can be considerable. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Maryland suffered $684 million in work loss costs related to the 530 people who died in accidents in 2013. Though this statistic is based upon the economic impacts upon the state as a whole, there are also considerable costs associated with an individual’s lost productivity. Victims and the dependents suffer immediate financial hardship from the loss of income, especially in the face of short or long-term disability.

When you are hurt as the result of a car collision, recovering for your lost wages is every bit as important as getting compensation for other damages. A skilled Baltimore County, MD auto accidents lawyer can explain the full effect of your lost income, but an overview should help you understand the far-reaching consequences.

Income Lost During Initial Hospital Stay

If you were admitted to the hospital for medical care, you will obviously not be able to go  to work, so you may miss out on these wages. Even people who earn an income working at home will not be able to earn what they could have had the accident never happened.

Lost Wages While You are Recovering from Your Injuries

For injuries that require some recovery time, doctor’s orders will typically include rest and avoiding certain levels of physical activity. To allow your injuries to heal properly, you will likely not be able to work during your recovery period. Your lost wages can be significant, especially if your physician’s instructions or pain level keep you home for weeks or months.

Time Away from Your Job for Doctor’s Appointments and Other Treatments

Once you are able to return to work, you may still need to take leave to visit your physician, physical therapist, chiropractor, or other medical specialist. Doctor’s appointments and similar treatment sessions can be particularly hard on your income if you make an hourly wage.

Being Unable to Return to Work

With some auto accidents, your injuries will be so severe that you cannot go back to your job. You may have permanent physical limitations or disabilities that prevent you from performing work-related tasks. Though your employer may find other work for you to do, the income may not be the equivalent as your pre-accident salary.

Call Now to Speak with a Baltimore County, MD Auto Accident Attorney

All of the lost income you experience after a car crash can add up over time, even your losses do not seem to amount to much in the short term. An experienced auto accidents attorney will seek all lost wages you sustain, during hospitalization, as you are recovering, and into the future. For more information on lost income and other damages available in a Baltimore County, MD motor vehicle collision claim, please contact attorney Michael A. Freedman. We can schedule a no-cost case evaluation to assess your circumstances and discuss your legal remedies.

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