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Common Causes Behind Truck Accidents

According to the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Analysis Division, there were 83,000 truck accidents that caused injuries in 2015. That number represents 20 percent of all reported cases that year, which was 415,000. Truck crashes usually lead to much more severe injuries that incidents involving passenger cars, mostly due to their larger size and the weight of the cargo they carry. Victims may go through extensive medical treatment, longer rehabilitation periods, and may be out of work for months – or more. If you’ve suffered injuries in a Maryland truck accident, talk to an experienced attorney about the causes of the collision and what you may be able to recover as compensation.

Operator Issues:
Truck drivers are human, and any mistake behind the wheel can lead to an accident. The job is exhausting and so fatigue is a factor, even when drivers adhere to laws limiting the time they can work. Distractions like eating, drinking, or using a phone can result in inattention to road conditions. If a driver is in a hurry to arrive at his or her destination, there may also be speeding involved that leads to an accident.

Defective Truck Equipment:
Semis have an almost infinite number of components, any one of which can be defective in a way that causes equipment to fail. There may be flaws in the parts that make up the braking system or imperfections in the tires, both of which become serious problems at high speeds. Laws require trucking companies do require proper inspections and maintenance, but it’s possible to overlook certain defects to be overlooked – or shirk these legal requirements.

Weather and Environmental Conditions:
Rain, snow, and sleet impact all drivers on the road, but truck drivers are impacted severely due to the challenges of operating a large vehicle. They need longer to brake and the trailers carrying cargo can slide. Some accidents result from the tractor skidding sideways and forward, a situation familiarly known as a “jackknife.” A driver’s failure to account for environmental conditions, such as steep grades and sharp curves, can also lead to an accident.

Improper Loading:
Cargo that’s not properly secured can lead to a truck accident, either because items fall off the trailer or uneven weight distribution causes a malfunction. Improper loading can result in an accident where the truck itself isn’t affected at all, but cars within the vicinity are impacted.

No matter what the cause may be in the truck accident that led to your injuries, you may be entitled to recover for the losses you suffer. Medical expenses and other bills add up, and you may be in a tough financial situation if you’re unable to work. A skilled personal injury attorney can represent your interests and fight for your right to compensation under Maryland law. Whether in court or in settlement negotiations with an insurance company, you need an experienced legal advocate on your side. Please contact attorney Michael A. Freedman to discuss your case or with questions about your situation.


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