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Deadliest Intersections In Maryland

Deadliest Intersections in Maryland

When multiple lanes of traffic, all approaching from different directions, converge upon a relatively small area, it is not surprising to hear that a large percentage of accidents occur at there. The National Highway Travel Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that almost 40% of all motor vehicle collisions in the US every year happen at intersections. Some deadliest intersections in Maryland. There are multiple factors behind these crashes, such as:

  • Driver inattention;
  • Failure to use signals when turning;
  • Running through stop signs;
  • Distracted driving;
  • Speeding;
  • Failure to yield, especially when turning left across ongoing traffic;
  • The presence of railway tracks and signals;
  • General confusion about the physical conditions and flow of traffic at the intersection; and,
  • Many more.

In addition to identifying these and other risk factors involved with accidents at intersections, the NHTSA gathered statistics on locations where the most crashes occur in every state. Some of the deadliest intersections in Maryland include a few Baltimore auto accident sites, so take extra caution when navigating through:

#1: Gwynns Falls Parkway at Reisterstown Road, Baltimore, MD

This intersection rises above the rest in terms of fatal car crashes. Having been the location of 46 incidents that caused immediate death or fatal injuries in 2015. Many more victims suffered injuries in motor vehicle collisions at this busy site near Druid Hill Park, according to NHTSA survey data. With several lanes and numerous distractions from nearby restaurants and shopping, it is no wonder that failure to obey traffic signals is among the top causes of accidents at this site.

#2: Route 50 at Route 70, Near Annapolis, MD

A recent fatal crash highlights the dangers at this intersection, as two people died on in a collision on September 2, 2018. A preliminary investigation by Maryland State Police shows that an SUV, traveling the wrong way on the highway, crashed into a motorcycle. Both the rider and passenger were declared dead at the scene. There are some indications that alcohol was involved, which is common in wrong way crashes. However, some confusing signage around the intersection has also been linked to fatal crashes. In 2017, there were five auto accident fatalities at this site.

#3: Jones Falls Expressway; Cross Keys, Baltimore, MD

There are two specific intersections along the Jones Falls Expressway that are particularly deadly when drivers violate traffic laws or are not paying attention. At the first, Northern Parkway at Jones Falls Expressway, excessive speed is often to blame. The surrounding area has heavy traffic all day long, and motorists often speed up to make it through seemingly long traffic lights.

Just a few miles south, at the intersection of Jones Falls Expressway and West Cold Spring Lane, there were 34 crashes in 2015. This area is extremely busy during rush hour, where motorists may be aggressive in lane changes at the exit ramp.

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Do you know of deadly intersections in Baltimore? Leave a comment and let us know.

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