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Maryland Truck Crash Demonstrates Importance of Accident Reconstruction

On March 30, 2017, Southern Maryland Online reported on a serious car accident that occurred in Leonardtown, Maryland, approximately 85 miles south of Baltimore. According to police, a car driving southbound on State Route 4 struck a dump truck that was carrying asphalt, sending both vehicles off the road. The truck flipped into the car and landed on top of it as the vehicles came to rest in a nearby ditch, an accident reconstruction investigation revealed; the man in the passenger car was killed in the collision. Accident reconstruction specialists can be critical if you’re injured in a motor vehicle crash in Maryland, as their insight and expertise is important to ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve.

What does an accident reconstruction expert do? There can be chaos and confusion in the immediate aftermath of a vehicle accident, so drivers, passengers, and witnesses may not have a clear recollection of what actually happened – or they may present conflicting accounts of what they saw and heard. Still, to build your personal injury case for compensation, a lawyer needs this information. Therefore, attorneys often turn to accident reconstruction experts for assistance with the details of the collision.

Accident reconstruction is the process of investigating every aspect of a crash, and then analyzing the results to develop conclusions about the causes and implications of the incident. Experts that offer services for reconstruction have extensive training in various fields related to car accidents. They also possess in-depth knowledge of different tools used to recreate accident events, such as software for forensic mapping, 3D imaging, and simulation. The findings of accident reconstruction teams tend to be far superior as compared to witness testimony and pictures.

How can an accident reconstruction expert help my case? Car accidents can be very complicated, especially when multiple people and vehicles are involved. Accident reconstruction specialists are effective in telling the story of a crash, especially in the recent Leonardtown crash where one witness died and cannot testify. With modeling, simulations, and animations, accident reconstruction shows the causes behind the accident and how it could have been prevented.

Accident reconstruction professionals are experts are usually retained by personal injury lawyers to help prove negligence in a collision, either as a consultant to assist the attorney or to testify in court. They have the knowledge and experience to evaluate the physics, calculate speeds, and analyze driver actions that led to the incident.

An accident reconstruction investigator is just one of the experts a car accident lawyer may retain when pursuing your right to compensation from the responsible party. Attorneys also use medical professionals, financial advisers, and other specialists to demonstrate the extent of your injuries, establish the value of your losses, and prove fault – both in the courtroom and behind the scenes. If you’ve been injured in an auto collision, it’s essential to work with a lawyer that has extensive experience and can bring in experts to work on your behalf. For more information or with questions about your case, please contact Baltimore attorney Michael A. Freedman.


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