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Seeking Medical Treatment After A Baltimore County, MD Auto Accident

Seeking Medical Treatment After a Baltimore County, MD Auto Accident

Seeking proper medical treatment after a motor vehicle crash is critical for your health, and will ensure that you are on the right track to recover from your injuries. Depending on the severity of your condition, you will have to determine whether you need an emergency room or urgent care center. However, in the confusion of a car accident, you may need some assistance figuring out what facilities are nearby in Baltimore County.

Another reason to visit a healthcare provider after you are hurt in a crash is that timing may affect your claim for compensation against the responsible driver. A knowledgeable Baltimore County auto accidents lawyer can explain the details on how seeking medical care immediately puts you in a better position to recover for your losses.

Emergency Medical Treatment in Baltimore County

When your injuries are severe, you may need immediate surgery or advanced medical care that is only available in a hospital environment. It may be appropriate to head to the following emergency rooms for treatment:

  • University of Maryland Medical Center Emergency Department: If you are in an accident anywhere in the downtown Baltimore area, there are five university-operated emergency rooms that will have you covered.
  • Sinai Hospital: The emergency department on Greenspring Ave. in Baltimore is easy to access, as both Northern Parkway East and West lead directly to the ER entrance. This facility includes trauma specialists who are trained in providing life-saving treatment. For extreme medical emergencies, there is a helicopter pad for airlifts.

Baltimore County Urgent Care Facilities

Your injuries may require urgent medical treatment if you need same-day medical services, but your life is not in immediate danger after an auto accident. Urgent care facilities in Baltimore include:

  • Righttime Medical Care: These facilities are open seven days a week, so you do not have to wait until Monday if you are hurt in a crash over the weekend. There are several locations throughout Baltimore County, MD, so it is likely that a Righttime is right around the corner no matter where the accident occurred.
  • Lifeline Urgent Care: This center provides a full range of urgent care medical services, including on-site lab testing, digital X-rays, treatment of minor injuries, diagnostics, and more. You can even check in online to reduce your wait when you arrive.

Follow Up Medical Treatment

You should set up an appointment with your primary care physician after a car accident. It is important to alert your doctor of the incident and ensure transfer of your medical records from emergency or urgent treatment. Plus, your provider can conduct a physical exam to determine whether you need additional services, such as physical therapy, chiropractic care, or other follow up.

Call Now to Set Up a Free Consultation with a Baltimore County, MD Auto Accident Lawyer

After you seek proper medical care, your next step as an injured victim should be contacting a car crash attorney who can tell you more about your right to compensation under Maryland law. To schedule a free consultation, please contact Baltimore County auto accidents lawyer Michael A. Freedman. We can review your circumstances and discuss your legal remedies.

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