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Complicated Legal Issues in Maryland Multiple Car Pile Up

Maryland State Police and local authorities continue to investigate a multi-car accident that occurred in Frederick, MD on September 29, 2017. According to ABC 7 News WJLA, early reports show that the crash took place on a stretch of Interstate 270 near Route 85, in the southern outskirts of the city limits. Officials did not make a statement regarding injuries due to a lack of specific details; however, police did mention that several ambulances were at the scene and providing treatment to victims.

In the event of a chain reaction, multiple vehicle accident, there are many complicated legal issues related to causation and fault, and it is likely that there will be numerous plaintiffs and defendants involved in the resulting personal injury claims. If you have been injured in this type of incident, it is critical to retain the services of a Maryland car accident attorney who has experience in complex litigation matters.

Unique Hazards in Multi-Vehicle Pile Ups

A chain reaction crash is extremely dangerous because many others on the roadway may be swept up into the event when one motorist experiences an impact. Threats can come from:

  • Primary impacts, which occur when a negligent or careless driver causes the initial crash, either colliding with another vehicle or an object;
  • Secondary impacts happen frequently as a drivers attempt to avoid collision, but actually cause additional incidents in their haste to stay out of harm’s way.

With multiple impacts from various sources, it is easy to see how chain reaction crashes can cause severe injuries and even fatalities.

Liability Questions in Chain Reaction Collisions

Proving fault can be difficult in multiple car accidents, especially:

  • When there are multiple defendants that an injured victim may pursue for compensation. It is possible to recover from negligent driver that caused the primary impact, but there may be grounds to file a claim resulting from a secondary impact, as well.
  • When there are multiple cars, there are several insurance companies involved. However, always remember that insurers are businesses that put profits first. To protect their own interests, you can be sure that insurers will push blame on you or motorists who are not their own policyholders.
  • Even when fault is unmistakable, an at-fault driver’s insurance coverage may not be enough to pay compensation to all victims.

The legal issues involved with a chain reaction car accident can be convoluted, but an experienced lawyer has the skills and knowledge necessary to overcome the challenges. Fault and liability may be tough to prove when there are so many different factors; plus, with multiple cars there are numerous parties and their insurance companies to deal with. An attorney will identify the critical facts and address the legal issues to ensure you get the compensation you deserve as a victim. If you have sustained injuries in a chain reaction or pile up accident, please contact Baltimore County, MD attorney Michael A. Freedman to schedule an initial consultation. Our legal team has represented victims in all types of car accident cases, and we can help you, too.


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