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Determining Speed After Car Accidents in St. Mary’s County, Maryland

A serious car accident in St. Mary’s County is still under investigation, with accident reconstruction specialists stating that speed appears to be a factor in the crash. Southern Maryland News Net reported that at around 6:30 p.m. on November 9, 2017, police responded to a report about a severe motor vehicle incident near Lexington Park, Maryland. According to authorities, a Dodge truck was traveling southbound on a state road when it struck the rear of Honda Pilot moving in the same direction. The impact forced the Honda over the center line and off the road, where it collided with several trees. Both drivers were transported by helicopter for medical treatment, and other passengers were taken by ambulance to area hospitals.

If you have sustained injuries in a Maryland car accident where speed is a contributing factor, note that there are a few ways to determine how fast a vehicle was traveling, even after the fact.


At times, it may be possible to get a ballpark figure of another vehicle’s speed from eye witnesses. For instance, if a witness can estimate how long it took for a car to travel through an intersection, this number can be used to calculate speed.


Eye witness testimony can be inaccurate, but there are more reliable strategies to determine speed in a car accident. Traffic cameras have been installed in more and more intersections; plus, businesses in the area likely have security cameras. In some cases, video surveillance can capture a traffic collision, and the speed of a vehicle can be extrapolated from this information.

In addition, late-model vehicles have newer technology similar to the black box on an airplane. An “event data recorder” tracks such information as:

  • The speed of the vehicle;
  • Whether the driver was accelerating or decelerating before the crash;
  • Braking patterns; and,
  • The direction a driver was steering.

Accident Reconstruction Experts

When a victim has suffered life-threatening injuries or is killed, attorneys on both sides of a lawsuit may retain the services of an accident reconstruction expert. These individuals have specialized training in the science behind car accidents, particularly in the area of physics. They also have access to computer technology that enables them to recreate the circumstances surrounding the incident, enabling them to determine speed from such indicators as:

  • The length of skid marks in comparison to the size and weight of the vehicle;
  • The amount of damage a car sustains due to the impact; and,
  • The amount of force necessary to make a bumper dent or fail completely.

Speed can be a major factor in a car accident, but you may assume that there is no way of knowing exactly how fast the responsible driver was traveling. Fortunately, there are strategies that experienced auto accident attorneys use to get an accurate assessment that shows negligence or recklessness. If you or a loved one was injured in a crash and you want to know more about your options, please contact attorney Michael A. Freedman. We can schedule a consultation to discuss the details of your case.


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