Jury Selection In Baltimore County

So we are sitting at trial and the jury pool is brought in, and those are the jurors who we are going to choose from as to who’s going to be sitting on our jury. We get a list that encompasses their names, their addresses, their employment, their education, their marital status and often the wife’s employment.

How to prove injuries after a car accident?

That is what the defense is going to base their defense on -their argument throughout the trial. The Defense will present blow up pictures of the car, they’ll have a doctor who has examined or has looked at the records of the Plaintiff and is willing to testify that there’s no way in the world that this Plaintiff could possibly have been injured from this accident – Impossible.

Baltimore auto accident attorney

Anyway, we’ve been sitting around talking about the ramifications of contributory negligence and comparative negligence and if there was a change to comparative negligence, how that would actually affect the lives of our clients. We were talking about the Boulevard Law.

Collision Coverage Tips for Owing Mills Auto Accidents

When you use your collision insurance coverage to repair your auto after an accident, normally, it’s a good way to go because you don’t have to wait for the other insurance company. They may have to contact their insured, get a statement and possibly wait for the police report – then they will go out and look at your car and finally do an estimate.

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